The expertise of the management and staff enables OGPM to be an important player in the distribution of Natural Coagulated Rubber as well as a valuable interface between origin producers and manufacturers at destination, offering guaranted quality and reliable delivery.

Rubber is one of biggest commodity in Malaysia. This polymer is the main component.

We export and import a few type of rubber
  • Natural Rubber ( Cup Lump )                       
  •  Block Rubber ( TSR/SMR10, TSR/SMR20)         
  • Eva Sheet Rubber                                          
  • Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber ( RSS )          
  • Crepes Rubber                                               
  • Reclaim Rubber                                             
Our natural coagulated rubber (cup lump) is shipped from factory in Bangladesh and soon from Indonesia and locally.
Naturally coagulated rubber (cup lump) is used in the manufacture of TSR/SMR10 and TSR/SMR20 grade rubbers.Our shipment will be deliver to our final station at Palong 8, Negeri Sembilan